Und da soll es doch allen Ernstes immer noch Menschen geben, die auch heute noch behaupten, die Slowakei wäre nicht korrupt ?

Da werden wohl doch noch ganz andere Kriminelle in den “Bau” wandern !

Heutiger Artikel aus slowakischer Tageszeitung „Spectator-SME“:

Police detained former head of financial criminal investigators

He is believed to be close to the Bödör family from Nitra.

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) detained Ľudovít Makó, former head of the Financial Administration’s Criminal Office.

The police organised raids in the Záhorie region and the village of Jelenec (Nitra Region) on the morning of September 17. As they informed on Facebook, they detained a former official of the Financial Administration and charged him with a violent crime. They did not provide further details.

The Noviny.sk website was the first to report that the man is Makó. It also informed that the police have been searching his house.


Close to the Bödör family

Makó was appointed the head of the Financial Administration’s Criminal Office in 2015, when the Financial Administration was led by František Imrecze. Imrecze was said to have ties with then-interior minister Robert Kaliňák (Sme). He left the position in early June 2020.

In order to remove him from the post, the coalition had to amend the respective law, the Sme daily reported.

Although the Financial Administration did not specify the reasons for Makó’s departure, Sme wrote that he has been connected with several scandals. This includes his ties with the Bödör family from Nitra.

In the past, he used to say that he was their rival in tenders, as he started the business with his own security service.