Corrupt Mining Boss Kukelcik in the 2016 Paris Arbitration Hearings : „There is no corruption in Slovakia“ !

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Prominent prosecutor charged and suspended

Dušan Kováčik faces corruption and other charges.

Special Prosecutor Dušan Kováčik, who was arrested by the police on Thursday, October 22, faces corruption and other charges.

He has also been suspended as prosecutor, the first deputy general prosecutor, now acting general prosecutor Viera Kováčiková, decided.

Kováčik faces charges of accepting a bribe; founding, organising and supporting an organised crime group; abuse of powers of a public official; and of threatening classified information.

He is now in detention. The assigned prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which he headed until yesterday, has yet to decide whether they will propose pretrial custody for their former boss.

„The charged persons are now undergoing procedural actions. Due to the character and content thereof, we will not make more detailed comments on this matter,“ the General Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Jana Tökölyová said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office will now be led by deputy special prosecutor Alexander Bíró.

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) on Thursday also detained Norbert Pakši, who now faces similar charges as the detained special prosecutor. Pakši is reportedly a high-ranking police official from a special department assigned with conducting wiretapping. The charges are linked to his alleged cooperation with a Bratislava underworld group, TASR wrote.