Glaubt immer noch jemand – ausser dem korrupten Ex-HBU Boss Kukelcik, Ex-Premierminister Pellegrini und Chat-Room Trolls, die von österreichischer Seite „unterstützt“ werden -, dass es keine Korruption in der Slowakei gibt?

He was the first to condemn the „Great Fero”. Today, both are indicted. Ex-judge Polka also ended up in custody.

They responded to allegations of corruption with lawsuits and criminal reports. Today, they are both in jail now on suspicion that, thanks to them, money ruled in the Žilina courts and not Justice.

Judge and „businessman”. Pavol Polka and František Tóth. Žilina residents and long-term acquaintances. At present, former judge Pavol Polka and František Tóth, who is being prosecuted, admit that they have known each other for more than thirty years. They vacationed together, yet they do not consider their „acquaintance” friendly. They were also willing to sue journalists for such a label. So what was their relationship like? According to the investigator’s resolution, it could be said that they were „business partners”.

The „Great Fero”, as was Tóth nicknamed in Žilina, was the link between the criminal environment and the courts. If anyone got in trouble, he called. He found out „from Paľo” what could be done about it. Everything was possible for bribes. From the reduction of the sentence to the release or release from custody. Since August last year, „Great Fero” has been in jail. After the decision of the judge for the preparatory proceedings of the specialized court Ján Giertli, Polka also ended up in jail. This is also the result of Monday’s Weedery action. Along with Polka, Giertli also sent his colleague from the District Court in Žilina, Daniel Béreš, and lawyer Ľuboš Mahdoň to jail. Béreš’s childhood friend and Tóth’s acquaintance Juraj Filipovič also ended up in the cell.

Everyone is suspected of corruption.

They were supposed to be part of a corruption scheme that the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) had unraveled for several years. So far, the result is that 12 are accused of corruption. The police also detained the president of the Regional Court in Žilina, Eva Kyselová, on Monday, but the prosecutor did not accuse her and she was released. However, Kyselová confirmed to television station Markíza TV that she had to hand over two mobile phones to the police – a private and a work handy.