„Give a thief enough rope – and he hangs himself“

Korrupte Fico-Pellegrini Ex Regierungs-Partei SMER zerfleischt sich !

It is tough ! But don’t worry, other heads will fall

We will start with a domestic report that is groundbreaking. Police have struck at former police chiefs and have already prosecuted several – along with oligarch Norbert Bödör – for supporting an organized criminal group, abuse of power and widespread corruption.

It probably doesn’t hurt to remind everybody that the Hraško – Krajmer couple, former NAKA bosses, had, according to several sources, a monthly budget of tens of thousands of euros available to them. With the money they bought appartements, houses, cars for cover-up companies from their „capital“ in „black“ funds. They fed not only bribes, but also in an organized and systematic way through the business of the Bödör oligarchs they connected to public money.

Krajmer’s wife has been involved also in several companies of Norbert Bödör and oligarch Zoroslav Kollár for years.

The „black“ funds also had a cleaner, legally external part. It sounds crazy, but under Fico’s third government, the police leadership was privatized into the hands of the Bödörs, used for organized crime – enjoying side revenues in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

NAKA then acted as a private club prosecuting whistleblowers of corruption (Prosecutor Špirko, former Minister of the Interior Lipšic, MP Grendel, investigated the accounts of Matovič…). And NAKA was hiding criminals like Bašternák, Kočner and their clients from prosecution

The NAKA Chiefs even covered Kočner during the investigation into the murder of Ján Kuciak. He was regularly informed about the progress of the investigation and the plans of investigators. It broke down only after the change of police leadership and NAKA in May 2018. A month later, Kočner ended up in custody for the bill of exchange crime.

Two things were enough to „privatize“ the police leadership. The influence of the oligarchs (Bödörs) on Fico’s Smer party and on the highest police positions, ie on the police president Gašpar. And large sums of cash for NAKA officials.

After the election and the shutdown of Fico‘s SMER, it was not clear for a long time if investigators and prosecutors would find enough strength and evidence to be involved in investigation of long-standing police bosses linked to organized crime, big business and Fico’s SMER leadership. In the end, they did.

Former Chief of NAKA Hraško was detained by Police in front of one of the houses he had bought for the „company“, resp. for the person involved. Police also came for Krajmer, Gašpar, and even a former Slovak Secret Service officer, who had wiretapping and secret information under command.

We will probably not exaggerate when we say that the members of this organized group have built an empire for themselves within the State. They occupied the Agricultural Paying Agency of Slovakia and its millions of resources, the police leadership, part of SIS (Secret Service) and the prosecutor’s office… They prosecuted opponents themselves ! They even covered up criminal groups. As a reward they intervened in the political struggle. And they made millions of euros.

If anything needs to be acknowledged for Matovic’s new coalition and the new police leadership, this is it : That they stopped the grazing pigs from the coffin without restraint and without fear. They punched them with a stick. And they cleaned the pigsty, which they would be little ashamed of in Colombia or Mexico today.

Probably we do not have to add that after the opening of this front, it will be necessary to hear the former Minister of Interior, multimillionaire Kaliňák, and the „lover of luxury“ Fico, whom the Bödörs had called „Boss“.

Fico was angry

Ex Prime Minister Robert Fico has already reacted. He declared that he would not leave Gašpar and that he would not leave his people alone. In addition, he repeatedly kicked at Pellegrini, who is known to be able to sell anyone.

Fico must acknowledge that his nervousness is fully justified as the „noose slowly tightens around his neck“. As President of SMER he urgently needs to demonstrate strength, reassure the party of the prosecuted to endure, and assert himself as the leader of the Opposition. Because, in the house of an influential and promising Opposition leader, it is not necessary to kick out the door with a Police boot.

We assume however that Fico will not be very successful in this mission. He no longer has Oligarchs (if we don’t count those with Bars on the prison window), or masses of loyal voters.

Maybe that will be one of the reasons why he’s so mad at Pellegrini who had stopped acting as a reinforcement for Fico.

And he stopped doing that already in 2018. From Fico’s point of view: It was Pellegrini’s betrayal that caused all of Fico’s misfortune. Everything began to break down with the battle of Gašpar. It was a tough fight.

You may remember how it went. It was at the time of the investigation into the murder of Ján Kuciak. The new Pellegrini government with Interior Minister Drucker was under pressure to remove Gašpar and the Bödörs from the Police.

However, Fico and Kaliňák pushed hard for Gašpar to stay in power. At any price. When the two forces collided, Minister Drucker broke down. And he crawled into the locker room while Gašpar locked himself in the doorframe and stayed.

After Drucker it the Deputy Minister of the Interior entered the Ring. His name was Pellegrini. He asked Gašpar again if he would like to leave. Gaspar said „No“ again. He held on like a bull. He was strong. Strong like the mafia.

But then something happened which no one expected. Pellegrini did not enter the Ring (he could remove the president of Police Gaspar at any time). He wanted to fight, unhappy and broken running behind his fellow Drucker. Demisission folled. On top of it early Elections. (Bugar’s „MOST“ Coalition Party no longer intended to fool around with Pelligrini to reach another attempt for a new government).

This no longer affected Gašpar, who was still rocking in his chair, but those above him, namely Fico, Kaliňák and the Oligarchs. They asked Pellegrini not to cry for Drucker but to stay. And they promised him that they would try to talk to Gašpar.

Thus, dear friends, Pellegrini’s cowardness shook the entire political-police mafia. Fico knew all along that he was and would be stronger than Pellegrini. But he didn’t expect Pellegrini’s weakness to put him down.

Gašpar finally handed over the office in the Empire. And then, at least through Fico’s eyes, destruction followed : they detained Kočner, investigated the murder of Ján Kuciak and caught Jankovská by the throat…

Then came the second act of the battle of Gaspar. He was to run in the election for SMER. But Pellegrini tilted his head and said that in that case he would go … That’s right, you guessed it, behind his fellow Drucker. At that time Drucker was sitting in the Good Choice (Dobrá Voľba) boat and anchored discreetly at SMER. Tired, Fico solved it with a smaller concession and more alcohol. Pellegrini was the leader of SMER, Fico was the Chairman and Gašpar had his forces gathered on Facebook.

When investigators came after Gašpar yesterday, Fico did not control himself anymore. He surrounded himself him bullet-proof glass. And he called a Press Conference on the subject of…you guessed it…..Pellegrini !