New Slovak Government „Means Business“ and keeps its word  !

Eine NAKA Verhaftungswelle nach der anderen !

Werden wir bald auch „Alte Bekannte“ unter den NAKA Verhafteten antreffen ?

Ex-representative of the Agricultural Payment Agency and a financier suspected of taking bribes of €1m

The police laid charges of corruption in connection with the agricultural subsidies.

The investigator of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) has brought charges against former head of the Agricultural Payment Agency Juraj Kožuch and financier Martin Kvietik.

They are accused of accepting bribes totalling €924,000. The charges are related to the subsidies granted by the agency, the Sme daily reported.

The investigator will now submit a proposal to take both Kožuch and Kvietik into custody.

Relations to SNS

Kvietik co-owns the Slavia Capital company and used to be linked to the Slovak National Party (SNS), as the website reported.

SNS nominees in the previous government led the Agriculture Ministry, under which the Agricultural Payment Agency was regulated.

The police officers originally searched for Kvietik in the luxurious Albrecht hotel in Bratislava, where he owns a restaurant. He then reported to the police himself, wrote.

Several people detained

NAKA raided several places across Slovakia as part of the Dobytkár (Stock Farmer) operation in March and April due to suspicions of corruption and the legalisation of incomes from criminal activities within the payment agency.

The police officers seized cash amounting to at least €100,000 and objects worth at least €800,000, mostly artwork.

The courts have already taken five people charged in the case into custody, the SITA newswire reported.