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Police inspectorate detains several investigators

Indictment related to influencing witnesses.


The Interior Ministry’s Inspectorate has detained the investigators of high-stake cases, Ján Čurilla and Pavol Ďurko, as well as two other investigators from the Purgatory team of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA).

The inspectorate, or the Bureau of the Inspection Service, is an independent body running under the Interior Ministry. Its task is to investigate all types of crimes committed either by police officers or by prison guards.

The police in turn detained the acting head of the inspectorate, Peter Scholtz. As the Denník N daily reported, they did so on the instructions of prosecutor Juraj Chylo, who is also behind the charges against of the outgoing Police Corps president Peter Kovařík.

An investigator of the Bureau of the Inspection Service has issued a resolution initiating prosecution and the pressing of charges against the first two over the abuse of powers of a public official and obstructing justice in complicity.

A prosecutor with the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Bratislava issued the instruction to press charges, spokesperson for the Prosecutor General’s Office Dalibor Skladan stated.

The indictment is related to the influencing of witnesses‘ testimonies, the Denník N daily reports on its website.


Concerned minister

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OĽaNO) sees this step as a continued effort to intimidate investigators. He added that his inner conviction of „foul play“ is growing every day.

He is not surprised that the case is being supervised by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office which, according to the minister, deliberately accused the Police Force president.

„I’m really concerned by what is happening,“ the minister posted on a social network. “I see it as another deliberate action after a draft containing five names involved in founding, masterminding, and supporting a crime group, leaked from NAKA amid mysterious circumstances.“


Extraordinary session of parliamentary committee

Chairman of the Parliamentary Defence and Security Committee, Juraj Krupa (OĽaNO), will convene an extraordinary session over the situation at the police. He promised on his social network profile to announce the date of the session soon.

„Given the latest arrests, questioning of investigations, and disclosure of files from the police and the prosecutor’s office, I have decided that the time is ripe to convene an extraordinary session of the defence and security committee,“ he explained.

In his view, the situation in the Police Corps needs to be clarified, „particularly in light of placing blame, detentions, and attempts to intimidate investigators.“