Der dreckige Korruptions-Sumpf in der Slowakei geht in die nächste Runde

Nach Skandalurteil im Journalisten-Auftragsmord Verfahren erneute Festnahmen von korrupten Richtern und hohen Staatsbeamten.

Wann wacht die EU Kommission auf und mistet den slowakischen Augiasstall endlich aus ?


The storm continues: in Žilina, the president of the regional court, Kyselová, and Judge Polka were arrested

Police for corruption detained the president of the Regional Court Kyselová, former regional judge Pavel Polka and the former chairman of the District Court in Žilina Daniel Béreš.

The National Criminal Agency has launched the „Weedery“ action in central Slovakia, which is related to the investigation of widespread corruption. Police officers intervened from the early morning with the Žilina regional judge Pavel Polka and with the head of the Regional Court Eva Kyselová. The portal was the first to inform about it. They also detained the Žilina district judge Daniel Béreš. They accused all three of corruption. With them also lawyer Ľuboš Mahdoň and Juraj Filipovič, Béreš’s childhood friend. All of them allegedly tried for years to influence court proceedings in the Žilina court. A total of 13 people have been charged, and five have been detained today.

The action is not a partial case the police have revealed a huge corruption scheme. She is testified by several suspects from other crimes who bribed the judges. Investigators have been working on this for many years. Polka was allegedly the liaison for the judges. The suspicions that he was corrupt have been written for years, but he has never been able to prove it. Polka, on the other hand sued all those who even thought about him for his property. He was allegedly the one who handled the verdicts for Žilina’s businessman František Tóth aka „Veľký Fero“ whom he was indicted in early August. That’s when the turning point came. The great Fero broke down and according to information from Denník N, began to cooperate with the prosecutor and the investigator. It was also the trigger for today’s police action.