Interessanter offizieller slowakischer Internet-Blog des ehemaligen hochrangigen Mitglieds des Staatlichen Geological Survey der Slowakischen Republik, Dr. Milan Tregr, vom 5. Mai 2021 über Beurteilung von Chancen von EuroGas Inc. gegen die Slowakische Republik und österreichische Schmid Industrieholding SIH

Dr. Milan Tregr sieht bedrohliche € 20 Milliarden Klage durch EuroGas Inc. auf Slowakische Republik und österreichische SIH wegen eindeutiger Beweislage zukommen

Dear Mr. Fico, President of SMER-SD

5 May 2021 11:48, Read 3 367x, Milan Tréger, Uncategorized

Yesterday (4.5.2021) I watched the Topic of the Day on TA 3, in which you and editor P. Bielik discussed the government’s programme statement, the referendum, the recovery plan and other current political issues. I must admit that I agree with many of your proposals (stop universal testing, take political responsibility for the 11 800 dead, referendum on early elections, etc.).

At the same time, however, I would like to remind you that the SMER-SD party has made a number of decisions that have damaged the reputation of a left-wing(?) party. As an 81 year old retired geologist with 40 years of experience, I have commented in dozens of blogs in PRAVDA on the shortcomings in mining and geological legislation that have harmed the economy of the Slovak Republic.This was especially striking after the early elections in March 2012, when SMER-SD won,(44% and 83 MPs) and formed a one-colour government. The left-wing voters expected a vigorous correction of the mistakes of the right-wing governments of M.Dzurinda and I.Miklós related to the GORLA case, but also to the disadvantageous sale of our strategic energy and industrial enterprises.

I will remind you of just some of the information that was shocking to me:

-SITA reported that on 20 December 2012, the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian company European Uranium Resources Ltd., which is interested in mining the largest and richest Slovak uranium deposit Košice-Jahodná. The financial value of the deposit (NPV) amounted to USD 276 million. With this Memorandum, the Ministry of Economy ignored the opinion of more than 100 000 Slovak citizens, which they expressed in the petition Against Uranium Mining in October 2009. The ban on U-ore mining was supposed to apply from January 2010. At the same time, the MH SR (Ministry of Economy of SR) did not respect the legislation (Geological Act), which gave the concerned municipalities the right to stop radioactive minerals mining projects controversial from the point of view of health and environmental protection.

In such a situation, the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic came to the rescue. According to SME (12.3.2013) in the article „On the amendment on deposits…“ the amendment to the Geological Act was to abolish the right of municipalities, towns and self-governing regions to refuse the exploration of radioactive raw materials, because most municipalities are unable to professionally assess the issue and take an adequate position.

The crown of the „arguments“ was put on by the author of the following statements: we have a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, i.e. THE PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVES RULE, NOT THE PEOPLE. Further, this expert states, „It is written in the Constitution that mineral resources belong to the State.“

Mr. Fico, will you not consider the need for a referendum with such reasoning by your „expert“ from the Ministry of the Environment, if the Representatives of the People are sufficient for us?

This case about uranium mining from the Košice-Jahodná deposit has resulted in a threat of a lawsuit from Ludovika Energy, Ltd. According to SME (12.9.2018)

Ludovika Energy,s r.o. Spišská Nová Ves Branch Plant will sue not only for 22 million euros invested in the exploration of the deposit, but also for possible lost profits, which amount to 616 million euros.

I wrote about this in PRAVDA in a blog dated 17.9.2018.

The lawsuit from EuroGas poses an even bigger threat to SR. I wrote about it in PRAVDA in a blog post from 30.5.2019: „Will Slovakia lose 20 billion euros due to EuroGas lawsuit?“ The reason for the lawsuit is allegedly the illegal withdrawal of the licence for talc mining in Gemerská Poloma. EuroGas will demand significantly higher compensation because they have obtained geological evidence of a larger deposit. They also add that they have gathered sufficient evidence of criminal behaviour by the owners of SIH, which holds the talc mining licence through Eurotalc, and its links to the state mining authorities in the Slovak Republic.

On this subject, Mr Fico, I wrote you a blog on 7.5.2012 „Mr. Fico, give us back the Gemerská Poloma deposit.“ Unfortunately, no response, as well as about 50 other blogs on the topic of protection and rational use of the mineral wealth of the Slovak Republic, which for 30 years has been a worthless wealth, as it is not valued by the modern metotics proposed by the United Nations in 1998-2003.

How would you, Mr Fico, ensure that this unprecedented state of affairs is rectified if you were in government again after the snap elections? Would you again entrust the law firm of JUDr Bžán with the resolution of the dispute over EUR 20 billion and EUR 22 + 616 million, and who would you entrust with the professional defence of the interests of the Slovak Republic?

Perhaps the unit VALUE FOR MONEY, which has been operating at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic for several years, would help.