Finally Justice Prevails !

Sentenced corrupt Slovak Ex-Minister of Economy and Vice-Primeminister Pavol Rusko is facing the Truth in Court

The Culprit in the Gemerska Poloma Caper will go where he belongs to : To Jail !

EuroGas won‘t stop here and will soon bring others to Justice too

The case of the bill of exchange is in the finals. The Supreme Court set the date of the hearing for November

The Special Criminal Court sentenced Marián Kočner and former head of television Pavol Rusko to 19 years in prison for the cause of the bill of exchange of Markíza Television. The final verdict will be given by the Supreme Court.

In February, the Senate of the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok ruled on the guilt of both Marian Kočner and Pavol Rusko. According to the court, they both forged bills of exchange for 69 million euros and thwarted justice. The court sentenced them to 19 years in the institution for the execution of a sentence with the maximum degree of guarding.

Kočner demanded that the bills of exchange be repaid in court four years ago. The situation turned against him, and last summer Prosecutor Ján Šanta filed charges not only against him, but also against the former director Pavol Rusko. It proved before the court that key witnesses did not know about the bills of exchange and were not even in the television accounts. Although Kočner and his close associates secured old paper, ink and a printer, the problem was the signature of Pavol Rusko.

Six expert opinions to a greater or lesser extent confirmed that the signatures on the bills of exchange are not from the year 2000 but from the period after 2013.

The Supreme Court is now on the move. „Date of public session in criminal case defendant Mgr. Mariána K. and etc. is intended for 10.-11. November 2020, always starting at 9.00 am in Chamber P-1. The criminal case in question was delivered to the Supreme Court on 13 May 2020“, court spokeswoman Alexandra Važanová informed.