Pavol Rusko

Korrupter slowakischer Ex-Vizepremier und Wirtschaftsminister, verbrecherisches Mastermind der korrupten Enteignung von EuroGas‘ Talk Bergrechten, wegen Fluchtgefahr erneut verhaftet und ins Gefängnis geworfen

Da werden wohl bald noch einige Andere folgen, die sich an EuroGas‘ Talkrechten vergriffen haben !

The Supreme Court decided. Pavol Rusko goes into custody

Pavol Rusko was arrested yesterday after he did not come to the hearing in the case of bills of exchange.

The Senate of the Supreme Court took the accused former director of television Pavol Rusko into custody due to a possible escape. Alexandra Važanová, a spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, informed about it, and Ján Šanta, the prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, also confirmed this to the media.

„After the interrogation of the arrested defendant Pavol R., the President of the Senate of the 4T NS SR came to the conclusion that the reasons for fugitive detention were given to the accused and she decided to take him into custody. She did not replace the detention with the supervision of a probation and mediation officer. The accused Pavol R. was arrested on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the President of the Senate of the 4T NS SR,“ specified by the spokesperson.

The three-member senate decided at a closed session from 11.00 am. In addition to members of the Senate and the prosecutor, attorney Marek Para and the defendant in the case of counterfeit bills of exchange Pavol Rusko were present at the meeting. About half an hour earlier, Rusko had been escorted by police. The detention was proposed by the supervisory prosecutor Šanta.

„The Supreme Court found that Rusko had violated the conditions of domestic detention. Crossing the border, not responding to the calls of the operations center, mechanical damage to monitoring,“ said Šanta.

Rusko was blindfolded during the escort, after treatment he received following the alleged Monday attack on him. He ruled out planning an escape. According to his lawyer, Pavol Rusko has serious eye damage. „It will be judged that whether this will have lasting consequences,“ Para said.

Prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office Ján Šanta is convinced of the great relativity of injuries that Rusko was supposed to suffer during the run.

„I did not find the doctor´s statement about the impossibility of attending the main hearing anywhere. Today, a medical report is no longer enough,“ Šanta highlighted to the media shortly before the start of the interrogation

The arrest came after the adjournment of a public hearing in the Supreme Court in a case of television bills due to his incapacity for work. Defense lawyer Marek Para informed about it.

„I confirm that Pavol R was arrested in the afternoon on the basis of the procedural acts of the Court of Appeal yesterday. The next procedure will be known later today,“ Para specified.

Rusko did not appear on Tuesday’s appeal in the bill of exchange case, where he appears as a defendant together with Marian Kočner.

His lawyer informed that after Monday’s attack on him, he was examined in the Ružinov hospital and subsequently the general practitioner Peter Lipták exposed his incapacity for work.

This was questioned by the prosecutor of the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Ján Šanta, and Daniel Lipšic, the legal representative of aggrieved person from TV Markíza. They both considered it an obstruction from the defendant. Lipsic proposed to the senate that an arrest warrant be issued and that he be detained.

Finally, the Senate postponed the hearing in the case of bills of exchange to 12 and 13 January next year. On the first day of the planned session, a hearing with Štefan Ágh in the case of other bills of exchange is scheduled at the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok, where Kočner and Rusko are to testify as witnesses. The senates will have to unite to change one of the dates.