Lord, please protect us from the never-ending corruption stories in Slovakia !

The stories of Slovak corruption never seem to stop and go on day by day

Witness in corruption case reportedly lives outside Europe, he is returning only to testify


He is using a private plane to fly from Dubai to Kuchyňa.

A witness in a corruption case involving high-ranking police positions, Ľudovít Makó, lives in Dubai and only returned to Slovakia to testify when called on by an investigator, noviny.sk reported.

Another Slovak website Topky.sk reported that Makó was taken from Dubai in a private plane to Kuchyňa, a village in western Slovakia, from which he was driven to today’s hearing in Bratislava.


Key witness

After the death of František Böhm, Makó is the most crucial witness in a case of corruption involving high-ranked police officials, heads of the financial administration and members of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS).

Today, he arrived at the building of the Police Corps Presidium, using one of the side entrances, to testify in the Judas case. As Adrián Kucek, a lawyer for the accused police officer Ladislav Vičan, stated for the media, his statement raises questions and doubts about the case.

„It should be recalled that he is a witness who has committed a serious crime and currently enjoys significant latitude from law enforcement authorities,“ the lawyer said, as quoted by the Sme daily.


Eight people originally accused

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) charged eight people in the Judas case in December 2020, mainly for corruption. One person was also charged with endangering confidential information and extortion and another with founding and supporting a criminal group.

These were all people who used to work in high-ranked positions of the Police Corps, Slovak Intelligence Service and the Criminal Office of the Financial Administration. Investigators claim there are at least eight offences.

One of the accused, former Police Corps president Milan Lučanský committed suicide at the end of 2020.

Makó was accused in the God’s Mills case in the autumn of the last year but he was released from custody after he started to cooperate with law enforcement bodies.